Q Hospitality Group new name for EHM Group

Launch accompanied by announcement of unique boutique hotel in Amsterdam

EHM Group will continue as Q Hospitality Group from today. Just under five years after its foundation, the business activities have developed so widely that there was a need to refocus the brand name and strengthen its positioning. The company also announced a special hospitality concept, which will open as The Diamond Amsterdam in December this year.

European Hospitality Management Group was the official name of the company, but that name stopped covering its business long ago. The company now consists of four divisions in its own right: Q Operations, which houses property and operations, Q Investments (now Hera HRI), which focuses on co-investment of large-scale projects and asset management, Q-Participations, which takes a (minority) share in other companies and supports management with knowledge, capital and network, and Quality Lodgings, a collection of independent quality hotels in Europe. Managing director Bas Tolmeijer: “Q Hospitality Group acts as an umbrella for the various subsidiaries. However, our new brand name remains B-to-B focused: the own hotels retain their unique names and there is no intention of creating a single group chain. The letter Q connects the companies and marks the high quality in all facets.”

Investing in employees

The changed name not only implies a different appearance but also has a new, powerful personnel policy. Q Hospitality has a strong ambition to be ‘the most vital employer’ in the hospitality sector. This is obviously expressed in targeted attention to physical and mental well-being (think healthy food, relaxation, sports and mindfulness), but also in the focus on mental resilience and financial vitality. Furthermore, there is a broad investment in training, personal coaching and development. Bas Tolmeijer: “We have set up a special portal where every colleague has a personal page, can follow training courses, find information, enjoy benefits and also manage their own virtual saving account. Every year, we deposit an amount of money into this account on which we pay 7% interest. One can withdraw or further grow the amounts as desired.”

The Diamond Amsterdam

Q-Participations’ first project is immediately a special one. On Amsterdam’s Leidseplein, where for decades the famous Heineken Corner was located, work is currently taking place on what will undoubtedly become one of the city’s most image-defining and iconic buildings: The Diamond Amsterdam. Renowned architect Robert Meijer of MVSA Architects has designed a building of six floors and a basement with a glass diamond-shaped outer façade. This facade refers to the famous diamond Koh-I-Noor, which will make for a spectacular sight.

Furthermore, The Diamond will include an exclusive cocktail bar, a table d’hôte and an upmarket 4-star hotel with 36 luxury rooms. The Heineken Hoek name will also be retained, as the well-known café will become part of the complex and will be fully restyled with a quality steakhouse on the first floor.

The Diamond is a joint venture between Yip Group of entrepreneur Won Yip, Q Hospitality Group and Martin Nijdam, owner of pub The Three Sisters on Amsterdam’s Rembrandtplein, among others. Willem-Jan van den Dijssel, board member and co-founder of Q Hospitality Group: “We are going to create an exceptional hospitality concept here. I am extremely proud that we can join forces with these extraordinary professionals.”

The hospitality is scheduled to open by the end of 2023 and the hotel by 1 March 2024.

About Q Hospitality Group

Q Hospitality Group is the new name of the company founded in 2018 by hoteliers Bas Tolmeijer, Willem-Jan van den Dijssel and Francesco Monaco. The company focuses on acquiring large-scale hospitality projects, real estate and developing and expanding unique hospitality concepts. Q Operations’ portfolio includes Kasteel De Essenburgh (Hierden), wellness resort Thermae 2000 (Valkenburg), the Arnhem-based Hotel Haarhuis and Koepelgevangenis, Veluwe Hotel De Beyaerd (Hulshorst) and Kasteel Engelenburg (Brummen) and, from 2024, The Diamond Amsterdam.

The exclusive hotel platform Quality Lodgings, with a collection of more than 120 independent quality hotels in 11 European countries, investment company Hera HRI and private equity firm Q Participations are independently operating subsidiaries within Q Hospitality Group. More information at: www.qhospitality.group.