Thermae 2000 invests in new infinitum

“The wellness centre Thermae 2000 in Valkenburg, part of EHM group has invested three million euros in the new building infinitum.”

Journalist Ed Leunissen 1Limburg – By 2023, Thermae 2000 plans to invest another 13 million. That amount is in addition to the investments the company has already made in recent years.

Panoramic view

The new complex includes a sauna with panoramic views of the Hill Country and several relaxation areas. ‘Infinitum’ was open to invited guests only on Friday. From 2 December, it will also be open to the public.

Spring water
Thermae 2000 invested in modernising changing rooms, the whirlpools and the new complex. But that is only the beginning, according to director Bastiaan Klomp. “We are going to renovate all the saunas and expand the number of hotel rooms. We will also cool and heat the rooms with spring water.”

Cave sauna
Most of the new investment will go towards a sauna complex underground. “Below, at a depth of 35 metres, is the old aquarium quarry,” says Klomp. “We have leased that from the municipality. There we are going to create a wellness complex in a marl quarry.”

The company employs about 175 people. When the quarry sauna is finished around 2023, the number of jobs will increase. How many additional jobs will be added then is not yet known.

Over 200,000
visitors annually

Thermae 2000 now attracts over 200,000 visitors a year. With the investments, according to shareholder John Stoffers, the company does not necessarily want to attract more visitors. “We hope that people will stay with us longer. That they spend a few days in Valkenburg. That they take more treatments.”

Thermae 2000 celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and is the oldest wellness resort in the Netherlands. Since then, competition has increased sharply. That is why the company says investments are necessary. “Any company that does not invest is standing still. Not investing is going back in time,” states Klomp. “We need to invest to give this company a future.”